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Abreviations tend to pose questions.  But is tad really a t.a.d.? Is it a word in another language? And if, what does it mean? There might be some clues around, definitely there is some music. Enjoy and leave a comment if you wish.


tad 03 // audiokollektiv_ music for your 1st rendezvous

audiokollektiv on finest 12” Czech vinyl, pressed in the famous laboratorio of Lovosice in Bohemia. Music for special occasions, labeled „music for your 1st rendezvous” . Came out in a red edition featuring a hidden evil eye and a blueish comic edition. A weird ambient mixture full of film-samples, broken rhythmic beat tracks, strange fx`s and other goodies. Limited to 100 copies, 2 colour silk-screen print

tad05 // trickbeat revolution_split ep





Go for 8 bit tracker-madness from audiokollektive’s emka and if you still there for turning the record, encounter finest jazzy freaked out emo-mosh from junker jörg. For the lucky 100 owners of this lush masterpiece a comic and a pc game (delivered on ancient almost bullet proof 3,5” disc) came also in the cardboard boxing.

tad07 // audiokollektiv_philotas




tad went digital for a futuristic theatre score on compact disc with bonus video-track. The music coverse an even brider mix from voice experiments to teknoid soundscapes, spheric stuff and cembalo meets acidlines… The silkscreen printed cardboard-box  was limited to 100 copies.